Miracle Healing at KFC!

** JESUS visits KFC in GEORGIA!! ** Yes, you read right! On my recent trip to Florida, I ended up also visiting some lovely folks in Georgia! We stopped at a KFC for lunch. My friend (Esther Augusto) pointed out a lady who was using a walker. I got up from our table & approached her. After we talked for a moment (found out what was wrong).. I asked if I may lay hands on her to pray. I told her, "Jesus is going to HEAL you!" And, well.. the rest is history! Please check out this video of her! She was so super excited! Jesus (Yahshua) healed her immediately & she was running around DANCING!! HalleluYAH! after the healing, she then went & returned her walker to the place where she had gotten it from! "I don't need it anymore!" Now that's the POWER of Yahshua (Jesus)!!! He meets us right where we are and in our times of need! He truly delivers and sets us free! Thank you FATHER! This sweet little lady thought she was just there to pick up some lunch! Well, she got much more than chicken! She received a POWERFUL touch, from our Master's loving hand! Praise YAH!

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Got more than chicken! HalleluYAH!



** BEAUTIFUL testimony of a lovely lady that Jesus had me pray for. We visited her in the hospital (Reuben and I).. please watch the video to completion! Yahshua (Jesus) is absolutely AMAZING; His LOVING compassion OVERFLOWS and sets the captives FREE!

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