What’s Next?

Well it’s August, so much has happened so far this year.

October 2016, we get our RV two days before my vacation to go to Kansas for Sukkot. During this trip we meet Paul Porth and God tells me to quit my job and go into full-time ministry. Paul invites us to come stay with them in Kansas.

November 2016, we pack up what we can into our RV from our home and donate most everything else. We tell everyone bye and hit the road for Kansas. Through December we stay on Paul’s property in our RV. A lot of time is spent in Kansas City and surrounding communities ministering!

January 2017, we got a trip to North FL from another brother Paul Burgess. He rode with Paul Porth from Kansas and his wife. We thought it would be a two day trip, but we met a brother at an auto parts store that we prayed with. This man Chris Cash invited us to his farm for ministry. We ended up staying there as a ministry headquarters and doing lots of ministry locally with great fellowship at the farm! We also ventured down to West Palm and Sarasota for some kickstart events.

February, We made a trip up to Indiana. Paul Burgess and our new brother Brandon Gallardo went up to Illinois. On our way south we met Heather and Aaron Frith in Franklin, IN

April, we made a trip to Colorado with Brandon Gallardo. This was great. It was for a kickstart in CO Springs hosted by Torben Sondergard. We met so many awesome believers and had so many great encounters! We also connected with Ben whom Sarah knew many years prior. We found out that he was being called to ministry with his wife Sarah. On the way back to FL we stopped in at Paul Porth’s in Kansas and then travelled to Heather and Aaron Frith’s in Indiana before making it back to the farm.

May, we traveled to North Carolina for a kickstart hosted by Chris and Kristie Martin. This trip Chris Cash and his family and Ben and Sarah Brattin traveled with us! We there met Eni Jurilj who traveled with us back to North FL. Soon after, Ben, Eni, my wife, and I went to Margate FL to do some street ministry. This was followed by a trip to South Carolina to minister with our sister Heather Frith from Indiana.

June, we traveled up to Indiana with Eni once again and stayed with Heather and Aaron Frith. We had amazing fellowship and great ministry opportunities there. During this time we met Eric and Amanda Gregg at our sister Deborah’s house in Bloomington, IN.

July, we traveled to West Palm Beach for a kickstart hosted by Torben Sondergard. This was amazing and we went because of a dream I had. ¬†Too many amazing details to share. We met Eni’s mom Zdenka Jurilj and Mark Sheats the one who organized the kickstart. We also met so many other amazing children of God.


I know most of that information was very limited and I’ve only mentioned people we met and places we went to. There are too many amazing MIRACULOUS stories to tell in this little blog post. Please go to fb.com/jesussaidgo and catch up on a lot of these testimonies!!

I also don’t want to leave out our brother Buddy Jordan and sister Donna Borrazzo from GA. They have been such amazing family to us and we love them dearly as well as all the others mentioned here. There are also many others whom I didn’t mention by name, yet are very dear to us that we have met along this journey!! Praise God for His marvelous works, His many wonders, His abundant mercy, His beautiful love, Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ) the Saviour of all those who KNOW HIM!! Amen.

From here, we don’t know exactly yet. We are in North FL in the RV that has been here since Feb. All of the other trips have been in our car. We feel God wants us to use this RV on the road now. We are praying for direction. Saddle up your horses!!


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